Invest Skills Classes

Wednesday Evenings November 29, December 6, & December 13
6:30–8:00 p.m. Beginning in the Sanctuary
No Registration Required.
As we currently undertake a yearlong emphasis on investing all we have for the kingdom’s glory, our challenge is for one family to invest in one family for one year–believing that God will move in their lives. Through this challenge, we trust He will save, deliver, transform, reconcile, and renew the lives of families in our community.
To invest to the max requires that we have a few skills, a few tools, if you will, in our toolbox! That is the aim of our Invest skills classes starting on Wednesday, November 29 and meeting every Wednesday evening for three weeks. We will spend this time considering and honing practical skills necessary to increase the kingdom impact of our individual lives and church ministries.
Classes Include
Building a Strong Family Foundation • Financial Freedom
Natural Evangelism 
We invite you to learn more about each class and choose the one you may be interested in!
Find course information and teacher biographies below.

Course Catalog


ROOM 300 
Whether you are about to be married or have been married for many years, the Bible provides great principles that we can translate to our marriages, child rearing, and launching Generation 2 of our families. This series is designed to help us be intentional about our lives, marriages, and families so we can fulfill God’s purpose for us. 
Topics Covered Include:
Spiritual Foundations of Marriage
Discovering the Biblical Seasons of Life and how that defines our purpose. Improving intentionality in your marriage.
Spiritual Foundations of a Family
The journey from young family through the teenage years, teenagers to launching Generation 2. What does success look like to you? How does that compare to God’s perspective?
Ask the Expert Jim and Michelle’s oldest daughter, Meghan Kelly, will come and give feedback on “growing up in a Christian home.”
We will host a panel style discussion with Q&A for Meghan, Michelle, and Jim about what worked, what did not work, what challenges existed, and what recommendations Meghan would make on topics that concern you.


ROOM 303 
Financial Freedom is a class designed to help the individual and the family maximize their monetary investment. The class will be conducted in a highly respectful and practical environment. Some subjects considered will be debt reduction, giving principles, financial planning, and investment strategies. Taking this class does not necessarily mean you are in a financial bind, only that you want to improve your understanding, and maximize the return on God’s resources in your life!


(From the Baptist State Convention)
ROOM 301
Natural Evangelism is a class aimed at equipping the believer to share their faith in almost any environment. This strategy is aptly named, in that it is non-confrontational and draws on the personal experience of the sharer. The learner will have the opportunity to not only learn a strategy to share the gospel, but to also develop your personal testimony, pray specifically for the lost, be intentional in your efforts, and bridge new believers into the church body. Steve believes in the “life changing power of the gospel “, and desires to see every Christian equipped to deliver this most essential of messages!

About Our Teachers

Jim and Michelle Kelly are excited about the opportunity to teach “Building a Strong Foundation for your Family”. Most of you know Michelle as our Director of Children’s Ministries. Jim partners with Brad and Bonnie Dotson to lead Trinity’s college small group. Having been married for 27 years and rearing four children, Jim and Michelle’s passion is to teach our next generation practical ways to avoid pitfalls in marriage, parenting, and life.
Keith Whitaker is a trained Crown Financial Concepts Counselor with years of experience in group, and individual settings. One of his passions is to see people loosed from financial bondage to experience the blessing of giving liberally on behalf of the Kingdom! He has a practical and personable approach to an often times difficult subject. You will be blessed by his willingness and expertise.
Dr. Steve Harris works tirelessly with the Baptist State Convention to equip churches and Christians to impact their circles with the life changing message of Jesus Christ. His years of experience as a church planter, pastor, professor, and consultant qualify him inarguably for this mission. Steve has a special gift as a communicator, and is an evangelist in his daily life. You will enjoy his wit and sense of humor as you learn from this deeply committed man of God.

Want to Know More?

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