Woe is designed to bring faith to life in the lives of our students. We encourage all our students to get connected through a small group, be involved in our weekly worship service, and engage the community and world with the hope of the gospel.



These 7 values are what we want our students to completely understand before they graduate.
That means our teaching, small group leaders, discussions, and camps, are designed to makes these 7 principles come into focus for students:
Authentic Faith-God can be trusted; He will do all He has promised to do.
Spiritual Disciplines-If I can see as God sees, I will do as God says.
Moral Boundaries-Purity paves the way for intimacy.
Meaningful Friendships-Our friends determine the direction and the quality of our lives.
Wise Choices-In light of their past experiences, current circumstances, and future hopes and dreams, students need to ask themselves, “What is the wise thing to do?
Ultimate Authority-True freedom is found under God’s authority
Others First-Consider others before yourself.

 Summer Trip Information

Crossroads Registration
*Deposits are non-refundable and due upon registration

West Virginia Mission Trip

Where:Kyle, West Virginia
When: April 9-14
Who: Middle and High School Students
Cost: $70
Sign up starting Sunday, February 19
*Space will be limited for this trip.  Deposit of $20 due upon signing up

Weekly Meeting Times

Wednesday Evenings
Student Worship Service
6:30 P.M.-7:30 P.M
Sunday Mornings
Small Group
10:10 A.M.-11:00 A.M.