Trinity Students is designed to bring faith to life in the lives of our students. We encourage all our students to get connected through a small group, be involved in our weekly worship service, and engage the community and world with the hope of the gospel.



These 7 values are what we want our students to completely understand before they graduate.
That means our teaching, small group leaders, discussions, and camps, are designed to makes these 7 principles come into focus for students:
Authentic Faith-God can be trusted; He will do all He has promised to do.
Spiritual Disciplines-If I can see as God sees, I will do as God says.
Moral Boundaries-Purity paves the way for intimacy.
Meaningful Friendships-Our friends determine the direction and the quality of our lives.
Wise Choices-In light of their past experiences, current circumstances, and future hopes and dreams, students need to ask themselves, “What is the wise thing to do?
Ultimate Authority-True freedom is found under God’s authority
Others First-Consider others before yourself.

 Graduate Day

You can find both graduate letter and graduate questionnaire for high school and college graduation.

Schedule Changes Coming Soon

This is what our new weekly format will look like when the church wide schedule change takes place.  Specific launch date is still to be determined.

Sunday Morning

10:45-Welcome time

10:55-Service begins

Worship time

Large group message

Small group time

Noon- Dismissal
Sunday morning will be the weekly Student service called The Loop.  It will incorporate worship time led by our Student worship team, large group teaching from Pastor Tim, and small group time.  There will also be a opportunity for parents to download notes and weekly discussion guides from Sunday mornings message on our website.  
Wednesday Evening
6:30-7:30 P.M.

Middle School Live– A weekly environment designed for Middle School Students.  

High School Mid-Week- A weekly environment for High School students to discuss and study scripture together.
Wednesday evening is a opportunity for a deeper time of discussion and teaching.  We will worship together at the start, and then break off into Middle and High School groups for a time of teaching and discussion.  Middle School will be lead by a team of our Middle School small group leaders, and High School will be lead by Pastor Tim and Katie.