Changes Coming in 2017

Service & Small Group Times Beginning Sunday, May 7
Worship services and small group meetings will occur simultaneously.
• 9:15–10:30 a.m.
First Worship Service 
First Session Adult Small Groups Meet 
Trinity Children Activities (Birth–Fifth Grade)
• 10:45 a.m.–Noon
Second Worship Service 
Second Session Adult Small Groups Meet 
Trinity Students Small Groups
Trinity Children Small Groups & Children’s Worship (Birth–Fifth Grade)
Facility Changes 
Rooms 216 & 218 will be enlarged for a children’s worship space.
Security Measures
Secure Children’s Wing
Relocate Children’s Welcome Desk
Change Locks in Children’s Area
Facility Additions
Missions Center completion in early 2017. All missions ministries will be relocated to the Missions Center. 

Reasons for Change

◦ Space
This will double the small group possibilities. We are currently meeting in every possible space including the choir room, band room, library, Adam’s office, and Jesse’s office.  We have 21 adult classes and would have 16 rooms in both small group hours totaling 32 possible groups.  This doesn’t include any rooms adjoining the sanctuary, staff offices, or unconventional locations.
◦ Security
We plan to take out a wall between two rooms (216, 218) to make a children’s worship center. This will effectively contain our children in one section of the campus and in the same building. There will be no more transporting across the parking lot. We will also be able to lockdown all of our children’s area for the first time ever! Parents of children and students will know exactly where their kids are. There will be one check-in and checkout point.
◦ Streamline
These new times and non-shared locations will allow both students and children to benefit greatly in programming efficiency and effectiveness. As we have gained much momentum for our adult small group department, we will be able to do so for our children and youth. There will be energy that comes from all students being in the same service and then transitioning to an expanded small group time. Tim looks to expand small group to encompass worship and large group teaching. Michelle will be able to structure children’s worship in any way that fits her programming. Both of them will capitalize on a later start time.
◦ Time
Both of the main worship services and all small groups will have an added 15 minutes, which will relieve small group members that are also a part of choir. It also allows corporate prayer in each service along with freedom in the pulpit. The Pastor can preach a little longer and still allow for ministry at the end of the service.