Need to get the word out about an upcoming church event? This is the place for you! Please take into consideration the following rules and guidelines before you complete the promotion form:

‌‌• The promote event form is an important and essential step in making sure your event is promoted most effectively. Emails, phone calls, word-of-mouth, and the like may not always reach us. The promote event form is set up to head straight to our inbox immediately after you submit it. 
• You need to allow time (weeks, not days or hours) in order to effectively communicate your event across the church body. For smaller events, a month at minimum is best. For larger events or for any event being promoted through the church website and/or TV monitor announcements six to eight weeks is usually best.
Remember, it takes time to prepare this information for certain promotional avenues, and sufficient lead-time is needed in order to do so. This guideline is beneficial not only for us but also for you, as you are allowing more time for people to see, plan, and prepare for your event.
We are certainly glad to try and accommodate promotional requests outside of these stipulations, but following these guidelines helps guarantee your event reaches the eyes and ears of those you want to hear about it.
• The church newsletter is printed on Wednesday. Please submit your event weeks in advance as per the guidelines above.
Please be advised that we only promote ministries of the church in the weekly newsletter, on the website, and on the Facebook page. In some instances, ministries outside of Trinity can be promoted through small groups.

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